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Living Room
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Vicky Anne 

Visual Artist


0403 319 898


Studio Gallery

Telopea, Sydney NSW, Australia

A Bit About Me

My work is continually changing and evolving - every painting is a new adventure with a new set of challenges.

I find myself looking at the world as one enormous painting - everything is colors, shapes, tone and mood: Enjoying the view and considering all that makes it, how elements relate to one another and what's most important at that moment... appreciating, honing my observation skills and subsequently transferring all onto a canvas using artistic license and skill is where the challenge lies.

Art has been a life long passion, interpreting the scene via sketching, painting and photographing, making everything come alive in a whole new way is what inspires me.

"It makes the everyday more beautiful and in this way enriches my life. To share this anyway that I can with others adds an extra dimension of joy to living”.

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