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Venice – a work of art, a masterpiece!

With its untouched architectural heritage, spectacular stretch in the Grand Canal and unmatched romantic vibes, there’s no questioning why people from all over the world flock to Venice in their masses. Very few places can be compared to Venice, there’s this incredible renaissance feeling, centuries-old, unchanged buildings, the finest architecture, villas and palaces, the beautiful teal colour of the canals and lovely bridges, you feel like you’re entering a work of art, a masterpiece, when you come to Venice.

And..ohhh the colours! Faded colours of ochre, dirty yellows, pinks, reds and blues combine to strike a balance between cool and warm, highlighted by the sun transforming the colours every second. Dazzling reflections in the water making tints and tones that I couldn’t have come up with otherwise. There is an abundance of ornate beauty coming out of the water in the form of churches and shops, palaces and houses.

Is it just me, or does Venice's sun always shine brighter? Thanks to this magnificent city, you can see and celebrate all the colours life offers.

So come, forget all your worries and meet me in Venice!

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